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This is Your Moment…

There is nothing more powerful and magical than the present. The present is that moment in time that is an active force, requiring your attention and depending on your response, the present evolves and manifests in real time—almost in a delicate dance between your actions and the laws of the universe.

Every passing moment enters the past and in that state, you can’t go back to make it right, better or worse. It is gone forever, a memory that you will either relish or suppress, entirely dependent upon our own actions. So you see, right now as you read this, you are in your most powerful creative space. Take a pause, assess your “now” and determine what you are going to do, see, think and hear. Yes, do this right now. There is power in the pause, it allows us to reclaim our power and create the space that furthers us toward our best selves. If you feel overwhelmed or like you are treading water, you may not be harnessing your power (untapped potential) properly….and that can ultimately be destructive.

On that note, I leave you with a quote that was once in the Gospel of Thomas and was not included in the canonized version of the Bible (King James) but the quote is still powerful and very applicable. There comes a moment in our life that we must be true to ourselves, the power we possess and the destiny that we have. If we answer it, we are saved; if not, it can destroy us from the inside. It is time to honor your brilliance.

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