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Nice to meet you,

I'm Coach Angela Kerri

Being a professional woman, I thoroughly understand all that we deal with. The mental load of excelling at your profession, balancing relationships both personally and professionally, navigating family, children and eldercare is ominous. Add major life- shifting transitions like illness, divorce or the loss of a loved one, the ability to thrive in spite of it all can seem unattainable…but you can! My tailored programs will empower you to make that shift from just barely “keeping it all together” to rising to the occasion with confidence and victory. My programs are the catalyst that will transition you to success. I am a champion for women and their dreams and can assist you in realizing wholistic fulfillment. You are the greatest investment you will ever make. How much are you worth?


I have had my share of hardships but I have successfully turned them into catalysts for personal growth and self-actualization and have not let them define me. I am thriving using the very same techniques that I use with my clients. My story is the platform that has steered me toward my passion, which is helping women thrive through it all!

 I am a national security expert with over a decade of experience and  I know what it is like to be the only woman and/or the only woman of color in the room when the stakes are high and at times stressful. With every successive promotion received, I have confronted and conquered my insecurities and bouts with imposter syndrome.


 I empathize with the caregiver. When my late husband was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in June 2019, I had to become the caregiver and eventually the sole parent to our three young daughters and the anchor to my household while managing my own emotions through a variety of stressors and trauma.


 I have the privilege of raising three beautiful girls; they are my heart and my legacy.  I understand the dichotomy of joy and pain regarding motherhood and the real need for self-care and grace.


Losing my father and then my husband 5 years later altered my world and during that season I had to manage the full range of emotions that come with grief and the death of a loved one while still “answering the mail” in other parts of my life.


I understand the plight of taking care of an elderly parent, managing their affairs while attempting to maintain your own career, family and sense of self.



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Grande soy caramel latte

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Music playing in the background!

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Loyal, honest, hard-working

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