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Write the Vision

There is much to be said about purpose. Some women know what they were born to do at a young age, others discover it as they navigate life. Regardless of when yours is revealed, it truly happens when you are ready to receive it. However, to prepare for it, THAT takes strategic action, intentional steps toward that purpose so that it can actually manifest. There are many people aware of their purpose but lack the tools to bring it to pass.


I display Associate Justice Designate of the Supreme Court of the United States Ketanji Brown’s yearbook photo. Her simple and straightforward response to what she wanted to be as we all know now was more than a notion. She in fact, did go into law and not only did she acquire a judicial appointment, she received the judicial appointment to the highest court in the United States.

When you understand your purpose, so yourself a favor and write it down. That is the first step toward actualization. At first my purpose intimidated me so much that all I could do was write it down, look at it and reflect in the possibilities. Once I accepted it in full confidence, I took it to the next level and began to speak it, understanding the power of the spoken word and then I took action.

Identify where you are in this evolution and then write, speak or act on it. Evolve. It’s time to make good on your purpose.

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