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Hey there!

I'm Angela Kerri

And if you landed on my site, you'll probably be looking for a wholistic life coach who specializes in assisting professional women to expand and achieve their full potential.


Let me help you identify the gap or block that prevents you from getting where you are to where you want to be.  I develop a customized and actionable plan to shift them toward realizing their next level of excellence.

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I've had my share of hardships...

I have successfully turned them into catalysts for personal growth and self-actualization and have not let them define me. I am thriving using the very same techniques that I use with my clients. My story is the platform that has steered me toward my passion, which is helping women thrive through it all!

I am a champion for women and their dreams and can assist you in realizing wholistic fulfillment. You are the greatest investment you will ever make. How much are you worth?

My tailored programs will empower you to make that shift from just barely “keeping it all together” to rising to the occasion with confidence and victory. 

The Wholistic Life Coach Every Woman Deserves and every woman is YOU!


Here's what I do...

Happy Woman

I shift you to believing in your own power and achieving your full potential.

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I provide a customized and practical plan of action to transition you from point A to point B.

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I help you prioritize self-care and your spiritual and professional development.

Cloud with Silver Lining

I illuminate your intuition so that you can attack limiting beliefs and move confidently toward your vision.

Take it from 
someone who knows


Being a professional woman, I thoroughly understand all that we deal with. The mental load of excelling at your profession, balancing relationships both personally and professionally, navigating family, children and eldercare is ominous. Add major life shifting transitions like illness, divorce or the loss of a loved one, the ability to thrive in spite of it all can seem unattainable…but you can! 

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Pamper Day
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Join Coach Angela Kerri for her exclusive 3-night wholistic luxury retreat at the Waldorf Astoria-Monarch Beach in Orange County, CA, June 8-11, 2023 with dynamic speaker sessions and signature InnHERwork exercises that will assist you in realizing your full potential. Don't forget good times and much needed REST!

Let's stay

Only for the best kind of (infrequent) food for your soul. 


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